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Nurse-Family Partnership: Facts and Stats

The Nurse-Family Partnership is a life-changing program that combines compassion with science. For an at-risk young woman who’s not prepared to care for a child, a new baby can mean the onset—or continuation—of poverty, conflict, and despair.

Nurse-Family Partnership’s breakthrough solution: Provide expectant mothers with a relationship they can count on. A committed and compassionate nurse makes regular home visits over 30 months, from before birth until the baby is age two.

But Nurse-Family Partnership isn’t just a heartfelt social program. More than 30 years of randomized, controlled trials show that families who participate in the Nurse-Family Partnership model fare better: Less incidence of drug and alcohol abuse, better employment for the moms, and better performance in school by the kids. A program that seems so intuitively right is also scientifically sound.

Population: 797,810
  • 45% of minors live in poverty
  • 12% Unemployment in 2011
  • 32% Teen Pregnancy Rate
  • 26% of women receive late or no prenatal care

Population: 22,095
  • 43% live below the poverty level
  • 12% Unemployment in 2011
  • 37% Teen birth rate
  • 23% of women receive late or no prenatal care

The following outcomes have been observed among participants in the Nurse-Family Partnership national program:
  • 32% fewer subsequent pregnancies
  • 46% increase in father’s household presence
  • 20% reduction in the number of months participating families are on welfare
  • 82% increase in the number of months mothers are employed
  • 48% reduction in child abuse and neglect
  • 72% fewer convictions of mothers
  • 56% reduction in emergency room visits for accidents and poisonings
  • 50% reduction in language delays of children at 21 month of age
  • 67% reduction in behavioral and intellectual problems of child at age 6
  • 59% reduction in arrests of children at age 15

The Nurse-Family Partnership Mother at a Glance
  • Median age: 19
  • Marital status: Single (85%)
  • Education level: High school (44% completed)
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic (99%)
  • Annual household income: $16,000 (median)

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