Newborn Nursery

The newborn nursery at The Women’s Hospital at Renaissance is dedicated to providing education and support for our new families. After a brief transitional period in the nursery your baby will rejoin you in your postpartum room. Highly trained nursery nurses are available for you and your baby around the clock.

While in the nursery your newborn will be assessed, cared for, and examined. Once the baby is stable, he or she may room-in with you. Nursery staff may need to bring the baby back to the nursery periodically for exams or tests. During the course of your stay, expect that the nurses will verify you and your baby’s unique band number each time the baby is transported back to the post partum room.

The well baby nursery at The Women's Hospital at Renaissance is staffed with dedicated and experienced physicians to care for your newborn throughout his or her inpatient stay. All of the physicians who provide care in the nursery are medical staff at Doctors Hospital at Renaissance. We have a group of neonatologists available 24 hours a day to follow your newborn if your pediatrician doesn't have privileges in the well baby nursery at The Women's Hospital at Renaissance. You will meet with these physicians daily during your inpatient stay to be updated on your baby’s plan of care and ask any questions you may have.

During your baby's stay, we ensure that all routine newborn screening tests are completed, administer required and elective vaccinations, provide a daily complete physical by a physician, and refer your baby for specialty care if needed. We encourage all parents to attend our daily discharge instruction class, available in English and Spanish, which sends you home ready to care for your baby. Upon discharge, your appointment will be scheduled for your baby’s ongoing care with a pediatrician of your choice. If you haven't chosen a pediatrician at this point, a complimentary list of pediatricians throughout the valley will be provided.

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