Preparing for Surgery

Preparing for Surgery

Preparing for surgery…YOU are part of the team!

Having surgery? Chances are, you are not exactly looking forward to the operation but there is good news!
Thanks to new technology and surgical methods, today’s operations are safer, simpler, and more successful than ever before. In many cases, patients recover more quickly, too!

Meet your Operating Room Team

  • Your Surgeon – is a physician with years of training in surgical procedures
  • Assistants to the Surgeon – may include other surgeons or physicians, registered nurses, and technologists. A nurse or technologist will also be in the room to prepare sterile instruments and supplies.
  • Your Anesthesia Specialist – is a physician (anesthesiologist) or a certified registered nurse anesthetist. Each has special training to prevent discomfort and monitor the patient’s condition during and after surgery.
  • You – yes, you’re also part of the team! Knowing what to expect – and what to do – before and after surgery can make a big difference in your comfort and recovery. To feel as comfortable about the surgery as possible, you may also want to get a second opinion (your insurer may require this).
Additional Information

Learn Your Responsibilities
As part of the O.R. team, it may be your job to:
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop or cut back on certain medications, supplements or other remedies (check with your healthcare provider first)
  • Get enough rest, eat right, and exercise (talk to your healthcare provider before starting an exercise program)
  • Report any changes in your health – even a mild cold
  • Not eat or drink anything (even water) for a specified time before surgery
  • Arrange for a ride home after surgery
Consider having a family member or friend at this appointment, to help you remember what to ask and what you were told.
Remember, YOU can make a difference in your surgery and recovery success!
  • Ask questions
  • Follow instructions
  • Play an active role

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